25 Jan 2015

The start of a new army!

So, I couldn't quite keep up with my initial promise of at least one post a week. Sometimes it just feels like that real-life has a tendency to conspire against you whenever you set yourself a goal. Ah well, I digress.

Whilst all manner of stuff was going on in my personal life I still managed to paint up and finish off the first couple of units for a new Fireteam Andromeda army that I'm making right now. I've gotten this crazy idea that I'm going to finish off all (or almost all) of my 15mm purchases - from last year - this year.

And here's the start of it then; the 317th Republican Regiment "Giant's Shadow". They're supposed to be a recon/forward element of a Mecha Legion that I'm brewing up for the 6mm adventure at some point. Oh and the colourscheme is the same as for a 28mm platoon of the same name - so this is then the first step towards a cross-scale platoon that I'm building. Fancy that!

Two squads of Power Armour (Blockhead troops from Critical Mass Games)

A medium hover tank - I intent to use this as some sort of support vehicle for the force which will primarily be airborne or some sort of walker/battlesuit. (Shaman Mercenary Tank from Brigade Models UK)

A squad of Engineers - makes life as a mechanized force much, much easier. (Engineers from Ground Zero Games, Droid from Laserburn)

And finally a squad of heavy combat drones. (2mm Mechs from Ground Zero Games)
So there we are - the first steps towards a completed army. The colourscheme came about because I wanted something that would stand out but also have a look of urban-ish combat to them (without complex camouflage schemes). I think they look really great and I'm looking forward to paint up the Airborne element of the army (I've got two Old Crow Landers that I'm looking forward to paint up with some Critical Mass Games ARC Infantry).