27 Jan 2015

Getting into a painting-zen

Here's me then, trying to get the hang of actually updating the internet about the ongoing hobby-stuff that I'm currently working on. How other manage it with a full-time job and a big family I'll never be able to understand; it seems to me to be a bit of a hassle sometimes... but I guess it's just about experience, persistence and other tences. Ah well, back to the grinder!

It is still not my second nature to take pictures of everything I do in my hobby-life, but today I happened upon something that will - at the very least - make those pictures that I do take a whole lot more interesting to look at. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you...

The Transmorgraphical Landscape-o-Matic! (Patent Pending)

Okay, so it doesn't look like all that much, but I'm pretty happy about the end result. It came about when I was doing the usual commute back from work and was contemplating how I could make this here blogging/updating process easier for myself (because even though I tend to moan about it, I do enjoy sharing my stuff on the web).

One of the things that I thought of was that I often found my pictures to look a bit rubbish what with all the paint-bottles in the background and all. That and I also wanted something a bit more gradient background in general to showcase my miniatures on.

So I had a scrap of foam-card lying about that I had already been painting a sky backdrop on a couple of months ago and then I had an ephinany; paint one half as a small bit of land and keep some of the sky on the other half - then do a single half-cut of the foam-board and voila, instant backdrop that is not a hassle to store or set up!

A Swordmaster for an Arabian-themed faction.

With this I can then easily set it up on my painting area of my table (where my best lamp of the house is also located), snap some photos that looks slightly better than before and then easily pack it away when I need to do some actual painting.

Speaking of which, I'm currently on a bit of a fantasy-bender when it comes to painting miniatures. I have a whole slew of various miniatures that I'm working on for a game that I'm also working on. So far it is just called Fantasy Nebula as it takes the base-rules for another skirmish-set I was writing and places it in a fantasy universe instead.

A Templar and Sergeant for a more European-themed faction.

I'm hoping to hit some sort of Mordheim and Necromunda hybrid game, with all the usual campaign shenaningans of those games - but hopwfully also with some more checks and balances to keep it from spiralling out of control as the two mentioned games had a tendency to do. I will, of course, keep you posted on developments on the game (and I'm guessing a play-test version will be in the works soon enough).

And to help my playtesting I've started on not only one but five different warbands that I'll most likely showcase as soon as I've managed to write more about the game than just some few scattered notes here and there - you know, when there's actually something that a person could read and actually decipher!

Anyway - thanks for reading and I'll update you, at the latest, next week!