31 Jan 2015

The start of my Infinity Army

So - these have been quite some time in the running, but as I'm getting ready for a quick "learning-the-rules" demo game tonight, I figured I'd share with the lot of you how far I've gotten with my Morat Agression Force army.

The grand total of painted miniatures for my army.

Seeing as you only need a handful of miniatures in order to play Inifinity (more than those pictured, mind you) I decided that I did not want to go through my usual regimented motions of speedpainting the whole lot in one sitting - but rather take my time with each individual model, paint it up as nice as possible (whilst cutting my usual corners), base it up and get it all done before progressing to the next one.

These are some great miniatures, I'm nowhere near qualified enough to do them justice.

So - that's the main reason as to why there's only three models painted so far. I started out with all of the more "special" units that I had from the starter box and I'm slowly working my way through the rest of the army... which, because the miniatures are way too expensive for my tastes, only consists of a couple of grunts and some more grunts with Heavy Weapons. Once they're all done, I'll look into getting additional reinforcements and do this army as stated - buy one model for it, paint one model for it.

I really, really love this model - and as such he was the first to be painted up.

Oh and I hope that you'd notice that I've managed to figure out the lighting and camera setup for taking pictures of my miniatures now - turns out my camera had an auto-whitebalance thingy which helped immensely; barely any post-processing involved in these pictures. Huzzah!