16 Feb 2015

Excitingly busy!

This is just a quick post to regain the momentum of continually blogging my various geek-adventures. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly used to take photos of the stuff that I'm doing, so the images are going to be a bit of a mish-mash of others photos and stockimages.

So, let's start from the beginning then!

Cuthberts Lament

Last weekend I had the great fortune to play a good friend of mine's Viking scenario for Lion Rampart. The scenario was a raid against a saxon village in order for the vikings to recapture Cuthbert, a poor Saxon who they believed gave them good fortune at sea!

The game itself flowed very well and the scenario was quite interesting in that we were two players on each side and each of us had our own private scenario objectives that we had to take care of. Mine was to make sure that Sweyn, that swine, didn't make it back to the longboat as my character Torbein (!) wanted to be Chief instead of Sweyn. Luckily, Cutberth managed to take care of Sweyn for me and Torbein managed to kidnap Cutberth back to the boat - and Sweyns men managed to capture his sister whilst Uther, the saxon turncoat, managed to make away with his wife. Not exactly the best of days for this saxon - but a great day for those gathered at my home to play the scenario.

You can read a bit more about it here.

This weekend I then attended VoldCon, a small boardgame convention in Fredericia. It was hosted by another friend of mine and around 35 people turned up throughout the weekend and played boardgames till they dropped.

My personal favourite gaming experience for the weekend were the games of Empires of the Void that I managed to host during the weekend - only to learn of a great, and free, expansion to it called Key to the Universe which I've just finished cutting out and getting ready. Whilst I liked the initial game, there were somethings that I felt was lacking quite a bit unfortunately. These seems to have been tidied up and fixed with this expansion, so I'm looking forward to giving them a try as soon as possible.

The other game that I found really interesting was called Warfighter and it is basically a solo/co-op wargame of sorts where you have to fight your way through a couple of locations to reach your end objective with a squad of soldiers. The mechanics are quite simple, but interesting and the cards really managed to deliver theme and flavour by the truckload - so much so that I'm considering making a pimped out version of it (if I manage to get a copy for myself), with miniatures and terrain. It might just end up being a 2015 project.

Other things
Work has been quite busy as of late, so there's really not much to show from the paintdesk; the few things that I have made still need some more work and are not ready to be shown to the internet till next week. Mainly I've been working a bit on Fantasy Nebula and been painting some miniatures as well for that game. I'm hoping to get cracking on Fantasy Nebula in earnest (and find a new name for it!) later this month.

However, I'm slowly getting more and more in the mood for some Fireteam Andromeda gaming, will need to see if I can round up a voulenteer or two and hopefully get a fully fledged battlereport going. Fingers crossed!