11 Jan 2015

New Year - New Terrain

So - this blog has been dormant for way too long. Who would have thought that juggling a somewhat turbulent life, work and also attempting to write some rulebooks and what not would take a toll on the productivity of a blog, eh?

That's the basic premise for not having updated over the last year. And again, this year I've woved to actually start doing more of a regular update on this here blog of mine. Hopefully I'll actually get it going this time around, seeing as life seems to have stabilized a lot more in the last couple of months. Been rather hectic with the re-write of Fireteam Andromeda, bouts of depression and starting a new job.

Thus, let's kick off the New Blog Year with a few snaps of some terrain that I've just made.

The first offering is a simple rebasing of some fir-trees that I bought at Søstrene Grene, a craft-store/dollar-store combishop that we have here in Denmark. I'm guessing these were intended for christmas decorations, but now they'll be used on a variety of wargame scenes.

And here some hedgerows (two of them need some reflocking tho') that I made using scouring pads (that has finally become available in Denmark!) and then put on cardboard with some flock added. I really like the look of them and I'm considering starting some 15mm WW2 wargaming... possibly using Fireteam Andromeda, but that's another topic for another time - right now I'll just look forward to populate my up and coming field-terrain that I'm planning. I need something that's a bit more lush and habitable rather than my usual desert-ish terrain.

There we are then - I'm back and hopefully I'll keep the pace and actually keep on updating this blog over the year. I'm aiming at at least one post per week, so expect some waffling in the near future.


  1. Great! I bought a bunch of those trees too, but I plan to base them on larger bases, 2 or 3 pr base. How did you attach them? Hot glue gun?

    1. Cheers! And yes, I did use a hot glue gun, but I think you're better off using some putty instead; the hot glue isn't exactly a stable platform unfortunately. Next time I make something like this, I think I'll use some clay of sorts.