19 Sep 2013

Second Rosetta Playtest and Making a Playing Mat

There is, unfortunately, only a single picture of yesterdays fight, but it sums it up rather well - the Undead were soundly beaten by a throng of do-gooders as they were about to pilfer a local bastion.

While there are no photos (too blurred, too dark) I can tell you that having this second playtest of Rosetta has reinvigorated me to no end and the science fiction edition of Rosetta is being typed up in a fury of keystrokes at this very moment! ... I mean, when I'm not typing up this here blog post that is.

To those who are wondering, then we managed to fix the close combat issue - it will still end up as a bit of a scrum as that is hard to avoid when playing fantasy battles with no other objective than thumping each others skulls in, but it is a scrum with a lot of finesse and style! Combats are not a completely static affair and units will fall back, lick their wounds and then rejoin the fray - or, if needed be, run for the hills!

We also changed some of the mecanics in regards to having fewer units than the opponent, opting to have a simple little "Pass" rule for the side with the fewer units. It serves the purpose of allowing the side with fewer units to wait it out - if they wish - and see what the opponent does. Let's see how it'll work out in a science fiction setting next time around.

Oh, and I'll try and bring a 15mm science fiction game with me to Horisont V, watch this blog for further updates on that project! Why? Well, because I want to help them out and because today I created...


What you see here is a gaming mat made as per Tobi's Tutorial. For the danes out there, you can follow his tutorial to a tee, just like me - except for the fact that I bought some sort of fabric called "Børstet Halvpanama" rather than Canvas or Calico as I had read elsewhere on the web. It does the job, was decently priced and came in a delicious dark brown colour, which meant that I had to even less colouring - huzzah!

Now to see how long the static grass that I applied to it will last. And to find myself a slightly darker brown, some static grass with a deeper hue and then have a god at creating a full on forest mat rather than this partly mediterranian foresty thing I have created here. After all, this was more of a proof of concept than anything else.

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