16 Sep 2013

A bit of nostalgia from the paintdesk

Even though I've been busily painting fantasy miniatures - and have really enjoyed myself in doing so - I still much prefer to paint and play science fiction games. So I painted up a couple of really great - and old - miniatures that I've either gotten as a gift, found on e-Bay or just had lying around the place since time immemorial!

A small command group for my as of yet unnamed mercenaries. 

A small (tee-hee) heavy weapons team for my rogue Venture-Captain Jari'hd ül-Harokraht, aka. the Red Scourge of the Five Suns

And my piece-de-resistance; a boarding party for the Red Scourge; ready to board'n'plunder across the known universe

As might be suspected, then I really love these models! They seem to have been cast with pure character and it is astounding, to me, to think that they're going on 20-odd years old at the time of writing! While they might not hold up to modern days finesse (shudder) or over-the-top-style (yuck) then they are serviceable for any wargamer - they're easy to paint up, they look the part and they are generic enough so as to be used in any setting you could imagine. In my eyes then they could easily be used in a Firefly inspired universe as they could be for a Star Wars inspired universe. 

I for one welcome this cherised addition to my collection and I look forward to be able to field them in battle soon!


  1. Really nice job on those.
    I like that you've avoided making your orks the standard bright-green.

    1. Cheers! I never could stomach the mid-90's green of orcs that GW made popular and ever since I've never cared much for greenskinned orcs - so, when the time came to paint these I went out of my way to paint them in any other color than green!

  2. Brown orcs!! Yay ;) Looks great my friend!