23 Sep 2013

And now for a bit of landscaping

Earlier this year, I lamented to Duncan of my inability to be able to build terrain. Not so much that I couldn't make terrain, as such, but that I loathed building it. It would either warp, become too brittle or just look horrible because I never invested the care or time to it. Further - the materials I used always ended up looking just like that - the materials used!

So, when Duncan handed me a couple of imported cork-tiles and said: "See if this helps!" I was hesitant to say the least. Would it really make such a difference for me, after all of these years with failed attempt after failed attempt of being able to build anything remotely stable and straight?

The end-result in all its glory!

It certainly seemed that I could! Well, at the very least I could build something that looked the part - if you look closely then everything is rather crooked, bent or just out of scale. But I've got to say that consider me a cork-vert (heh-heh); this material is brilliant and I keep getting new ideas for stuff to make! Unfortunately, as astute readers might have noticed, then it's imported meaning that my supply might dry up soon - and Duncan seems to have forgotten his supplier or is just unwilling to tell me of his secret stash of this wonder material.

Orcs for scale; they seem to be having a hoot!

But, now that it has been built and put into the context of a battle (which I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures of) I've since then realized that I didn't really mind that it was crooked. Sure, it didn't exactly look like something the populace would have built (I'm pretty sure they would have hired a competent architecht instead) but I was in the need of a borderpost, so I built a borderpost! And it felt good to just do something, knowing full well that it wouldn't rank up there with the 'Eavy Metal terrain builders out there, something that has always kept me from even attempting to do it myself.

Oh, while I was at it I also painted up some camping stuff:

Tents and fireplace by Renedra/Perry Miniatures, the Orcs wouldn't bother leaving their fort for posing as scale miniatures

Now I need to build myself a couple of stonehuts, a small farmstead, a keep and all manner of stuff for fantasy wargaming. Kinda weird finding myself in this position after all these years of being a die-hard science-fiction wargamer. Ah well, let's ride this strange wave and see where we end up!