29 Dec 2013

15mm God of Battles Army Project

The GOB15 Diaries
An early game of 24 points aside of Undeath vs. Undeath with the improvised demo I held at this years Horisont 2013
So I recently fell in love with two things I had never ever thought myself throwing my love at.

First there was a sudden flutter of hearts towards all things fantasy. All of a sudden I found myself considering the magnificent empires of elvish kings and the vile machinations of the undead, before long both of these had joined the considerable lead pile - along with a host of dwarves, orcs, goblins, dragons, eagles and all creatures large and small from any good Monsters Manual.

I have always been a rather fanatic avid fan of all things science fiction; rayguns, robots and rockets will always be my first, true love - but I have finally found a room for fantasy. I guess it was inevitable seeing as I first fell for Harry Potter, then Lord of the Rings and it all clicked into place when I first started seeing a Game of Thrones on HBO. That, and the fact that Duncan kept pestering me about it...

My 36 points of Undeath as it stands right now.

And then I fell - whole heartedly - in love with (fantasy) mass battle games. I can't really say what it is apart from the fact that it feels more like a wargame to me than any of the tens of skirmish games that I've tried over the years. It's all about the marching of units across the field of battle for them to engage the enemy in hand-to-hand; the employment of the nessecary force at the pivotal point of the battle - whenever the dice chatter along the table I can hear the clash of swords and battlecries of soldiers.

Whilst a rant for another post then I've recently been in a bit of a slump when it came to writing on Rosetta and as an extension thereof also playing skirmish games. They just don't really feel right to me, and as such - the Rosetta Skirmish System has been shelved for the time being. There is just something in the level of detail in these games that keeps on nagging me; either they're too light or too heavy on the detail - and their activation mechanics never really feel like a fluid, cinematic skirmish would feel like. Ah well, as I said - another post for another time.

It might also be that Jake Thornton has produced a really fine set of wargaming rules with his God of Battles ruleset. Which is what the GOB15 Diaries are going to be all about - it's going to be a diary, of sorts, that will detail my 15mm fantasy games, set in Duncan's home-made setting (which I'm sure he'll chime in on later), using Jake Thornton's God of Battles rules and hopefully filled with exciting ideas, battlereports and what have you. Already plans are in motion for the 8 or so GOB15-players in Denmark to meet up and do battle at some point in the new year...

And my first foray into 'count-as' territory; 36 points (almost) of Wood Elves, using the Sea Elf armylist.
... And speaking of which; Happy New Year everyone! Let the new year roll up and let's see if I can't keep this blogging up a bit more in 2014!