31 Jul 2013

Paintjobs: Some more Science Fiction Miniatures!

Just finished these two of and here's a post to share them with you all:

The Anti-Walker-"Hand"-Cannon as used by the unnamed mercenary faction to combat various light vehicles, especially heavy power armor or similar. (RT-Era Shock Attack Gun Orc Model)

Two "highway men" or "emmissaries" of the dread Pirate Jiarez ül-Harokrat (RT-era Eldar Scouts)

Further I've finally decided on how to "manage" my web presence - I'll keep this blog going for random musings, news and what nots, whilst actual finished projects (as well as battle reports and tutorials) are going to end up on webpages dedicated to their purpose. That way I won't feel too obligated to keep posting high quality blog-posts on a daily basis, but can use the blog for just that - a weblog of what's going on and so forth.

Anyway - another ramble for another day!

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