30 Jul 2013

My first DreadBall Team!

I finished off painting this team last ngiht, but waited for today to take a couple of pictures of the team as the sun is sorely needed for my camera to function correctly (incidently, I'm on the lookout for a new camera and a lot of lamps).

May I present to you the...

I chose to paint their threat arcs in a color corresponding to their role on the pitch, as well as a slight nod to the dice colors from the base game. Guards are Red, Jacks are White and Strikers are Blue. 

The team colours consists entirely of Orange (Macharious Solar from GW) and White (White from Coat D'Arms) which were chosen because one of the many corporations from my notebook regarding the Terminus Nebula is called Orange Corporation; a multisector conglamorate with interests as diverse as fruit shipping to multimedia platforms - and of course, DreadBall.

I am not entirely happy about the basingcolors just yet and may give them a final drybrush highlight to better tie the colors in with the board. But overall I'm pretty pleased with the results of the team. My painting style is not, however, greared towards these miniatures as they have a lot of panels, which takes forever for me to highlight - and incidently is also the reason why I haven't started on the Orx team just yet... Need to gather some patience once again! Oh, and figure out a color scheme as well...

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