3 Aug 2013

My second Dreadball Team!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you the...

PharmaTech Paladins!

The newest addition to my DreadBall roster is the Marauder Starter team - painted in a dashing stone-grey and grey-blue color. My idea behind this team is that it will consist mainly of Marauders, but with a few Journeymen painted in the same colours as PharmaTech fills out their roster by touring the various sickbays and buying up injured players "...from the goodness of our hearts" as the publicity goes. 

As PharmaTech is attempting to show what a progressive corporation they are, their Paladins are under strict orders to never, ever, ever foul - but still keep the sick-bays overburdened after a match (and not to mention PharmaTechs coffers!). Needless to say, the Marauders are in the top tier for brutal mayhem and post-game hospitalization; but how long they can keep up their "reformed" image remains to be seen.

And thus, I've finished painting up all of my teams from the base-set, including the Ref-bot. I am already considering what else to add to my rosters; apart from some of the MVP's, I'm also looking into getting myself a team of Forgefathers as well as Robots. Now to get a league going in my general area...