2 Apr 2013

Cork City - Sci-Fi Suburbia

Having always (just ask my Math teachers in 5th grade) been an utter idiot at drawing, cutting or sawing anything in a straight line has naturally posed some limitations for me when it came to constructing wargaming terrain over the years. Give me any organic shape, a lot of random sizes and we're good to go! But ask me to build a small wall, at a ninety degree angle and watch me flee in terror! Try as I might, I have therefore avoided building any sort of city layout for my miniature forays.

That is until I recently stumbled upon Mad Mecha Guy's offerings of lasercut MDF buildings for 15mm science fiction games. As you may gather, these buildings look the business! And they won't put you out of business either! For me, being the thrift-gamer that I am, most other resin (or other materials) buildings in the same scale have always been just beyond my price-range; at least for the amount of houses that I envisioned for my near-future/sci-fi cityscape.

So I ordered up some through a, somewhat, archaic method of emailing my order, reviewing my order and having a nice chit-chat about my order with Joseph, the proprietor and designer - being along the whole way from start to finish. Not only was the conversation super friendly and easy to follow, the shipping itself was speedy as well! So, roughly a week later, shipping from UK to DK, I had my very first parcel of MDF buildings in hand.

A word of caution to those who haven't worked with laser-cut MDF; this stuff reeks of soot! Take heed!
This was then how I recieved my initial parcel; within there were 6 x Two Storey buildings, 5 x One Storey Shopbuildings and 2 x Large Shopping Centres; all of which for the small sum of £24. Now, it may not look like much in the picture above, but...

It definately does the part! For £24(!) I now have a 2' by 2' city center. Or, well, at the very least a surburbian hell-hole, worthy of any firefights. I'm hoping to get them painted as soon as possible; my mate Thorbjørn will join up for a quick test of my Rosetta Skirmish System in 15mm; we're going to pit some X-Com look alikes vs. some Green Men from outer space!

Well... best get painting! And yes, I will show off all of Cork City as I progress. And I will do a post about why it's called Cork City in the first place. Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice looking SiFy town, I seen this models for FOW also, and there they also looked relay nice.