2 Apr 2013

Web 2.0 - With a Vengeance!

So, let's try all of this once more, shall we?

Greetings internet! I'm Torben Kastbjerg and I've been an avid blog-o-holic for some time; but I also suffered from scatterbrainiotitis which, in the end, spelled the doom of many of my former blogs and eras of interest.

See, I had a habit of setting up blogs that detailed my current fad or interest when it came to games that I was playing at the time; starting with Wasted Roads over to Port Maw to my recent creation, Terminus Nebula. All well and fine, except that by having a singular subject for the aforementioned blogs, I wrote myself into a corner once the interest for a given subject waned. I felt that I wouldn't muddle up the stated mission of the blogs just because something had taken my fancy at the given time - rather set up a new blog and leave the old ones to rot!


Yes, with the aid of hindsight I can see why that wasn't such a great idea, which is why I'm currently waffling on and on about this here first post. Because, y'see, this blog right here is going to be my first, my only, my everyth... well, it's going to be a blog about all the games that I play and enjoy; whether they're sci-fi, historical, fantasy or anywhere inbetween and regardless whether they're my own homebrews or commercially available rulesets (cue blatant and shameless self promotion), like Fireteam Andromeda.

In any case. I've rebooted most of my blogs, and have consolidated all of my wargaming adventures to this singular blog. I'll most likely end up as one of those annoying posters now, across the internet, posting a blog link on a forum or two and not having the time to engage in any meaningful discussions... but that is neither here nor there.

This is my blog. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

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  1. Will look forward to follow this new endeavour!!

    Blog on!