19 Apr 2015

The start of (another) new project

So I was visiting Dragon's Lair in Odense yesterday, with my girlfriend, when I stumbled upon a grand clearance sale of all things Kings of War. And, well, here's the end result of that haul:

So I guess that it's fair to say that I'm starting a couple of new armies in the near future.

The above was only £35 (retails at around £210) and as fate would have it I had long been considering getting myself some Mantic miniatures for fantasy wargaming - just so that I could join up with the budding crowd of GOB-28 players and easily could convert others to a more fun version of Warhammer Fantasy etc.

So, now I have some 50 Elves, 58 Orcs and around 95 (more) Undead awaiting assembly and paintjobs... I'd say that's quite a fair amount to get going for GOB-games and possibly even for some playtest purposes in the future when I start work, in earnest, on a fantasy mass-battle game that I've had kicking around.

But... yeah, I'm still stunned at the volume of plastic I got home for next to nothing!