1 Apr 2015

Rosetta Skirmish System - Playtest Edition

It is my great pleasure to finally be able to share with you the play-test edition for the Rosetta Skirmish System that Duncan and I have been working furiously on for the last couple of months.

This version is designed for science fiction games, with either 15mm or 28mm miniatures and is playable on a small board, in and around 2-3' by 2-3'.

The rules can be downloaded here.

And here's the small blurb from the introductionary text from the document itself:

So, here we finally are - the first edition of the Rosetta Skirmish System that Duncan and I started working on so many years ago now. This is a system that has been through many revisions and false starts even before it went out to the public. Tonnes of ideas, designs and notes have gone into this thing and what we have so far is what you see before you.

It is very important to note that this is far from the final look of the game. Instead what this document is, is the final edition of the core mechanics that are going to be used - sans the ton of play-testing that it needs to go through to work out all of the various kinks that undoubtedly will turn up.

The end result, once we get there, will be a complete set of skirmish rules. This will then be set to two settings that we've been working on over the years, one a fantasy setting and the other a science fiction setting. Thus, the idea behind the Rosetta Skirmish System was to create a set of core mechanics that could cover both of these settings and deliver a satisfying game experience - even if you chose not to make any use of the settings provided.

As a driving principle, we said that we wanted a gaming system which would be a lot of fun with no more than 10 figures per side, which could scale up if needed and with integrated mechanics that allowed for tense pick-up battles as well as for narrative driven campaign games. Hopefully you will think that we've succeeded in these principles.

Thus, here we are then - ready to let you, the people who come across this document on the internet, to have a go at the system as it stands right now. As said, this is by no means a finalized rulebook, but it will give a good glimpse into the next big project that we're launching, with regular updates available at Torben's personal blog: http://www.scatterbrainedwargamer.blogspot.com.

So, have a go and see if you like them; free of charge! But we do hope that you'd shoot us feedback or comments on our FaceBook page (Two Knights Publishing) or on our email: twoknightspublishing@gmail.com

May your dice always roll well,
Torben Kastbjerg & Duncan Thompson

Two Knights Publishing, April 2015