22 Jul 2013

An Undead Warband for Rosetta

Not a whole lot of text - just a small update to show that I haven't keeled over yet in this heat but that I've actually been painting!


  1. I don't know why I bother, but here we go:

    Nice models! I always was a bit split about Celtos, but the older it gets the more I like it. ;-D

    1. You don't know why you bother with...?

      But cheers! I've been in love with the Celtos line of miniatures ever since Kev White made the initial set of heroes way back when - unfortunately, the game itself never sparked my interest.

    2. Well you seem to have your head so far up your own butt that you never comment on any one else's stuff! So why bother! ;-D

      Now I'm just back from Regulus and had a 2nd ed battle. Brilliant. We need to play soon!