8 May 2013

Rebasing my Dust Miniatures (Initial Try)

As I may have mentioned over time, then I've never cared much for the bases that the Dust miniatures come with. They're too big, too clunky and distract, to me, from the overall look of the model.

Luckily I had always had in mind to try some of the laser-cut MDF bases from Warbases.co.uk but could never find a project that would work with those bases. As fate would have it, then the Dust Infantry models are... well, I wouldn't say ugly, but they have a definite look that makes them hard to interchange with the rest of my models. So, as they weren't going to be intermixed anyway, then the Dust Models were going to be where I started rebasing.

And thus, it begins:

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  1. I look forward to seeing these in real life