7 Jan 2014

A new year looms and a wargamer waffles

So, I've finally gotten around to have a bit of a sit-down and write a few thoughts on this here blog of mine of what I want to do, hobby-wise, in this new fangled year of our lord - 2014.

First off, I'd like to finish off an old project that has waxed and waned a lot over the last couple of years - a complete book on the The Employment War, which will include armylists, campaigns, narrative ideas and, perhaps most importantly, a new set of rules.

I know that I've already got one set of rules to my name, but for a long time I've had a bit of a burn out in regards to those rules. It's not that they're bad or that I dislike them - far from it! It's just that they're of a style that I don't care too much for these days. It might seem weird, but I actually feel that they're a bit too fiddly and hit an odd spot for me, as a gamer.

Let me be quick to state that I'll not stop supporting Fireteam Andromeda because of this, far from it! The plans for an updated edition is still in the pipeline for the new year! It is just that I don't really play it much myself anymore. I've found other pastures and that means that I'd like to venture forth and see what they'll bring.

Which, in this case, means a greater focus on the narrative aspect - and thus also fluff - of science fiction wargaming. And in doing so then I figured I might as well have a go at creating a game that gave way for more characters, narratives, heroes, villains and what have you. A sort of gateway between the 'pure' wargame that is Fireteam Andromeda and something akin to a very light RPG of sorts - whilst still being a wargame as I know and love them.

Thus, that is what I'll attempt to direct all of my creative energies towards in this new year of ours. It also means that the recent interview with me might have to change a bit, because Rosetta has to be moved to the back burner once more. Why? Well, I've got a whole other rant in that regards, but let's just keep it at stating that I've found it beyond difficult to figure out what to do with skirmish games as they are neither fowl nor fish - and until inspiration strikes, then I've decided to let it simmer a bit over the perverbial stove for just a little while longer.

Now with this preamble out of the way, let's look at my Wargaming New Year resolutions:

  • Blog more - Self explanatory really; my blogging dropped off at the end of last year, as per usual. This time around I'll do a more full-hearted attempt at keep a steady pace on the blog. My main issue is the sharing-round after each post. I think I'll keep that to a minimum this year and just keep logging away instead.
  • Play more - Like all other wargamers on the internet then I too want to play more games in this here new year. I've already had a game of DreadBall and GOB-15 within the first 7 days of the year; let's hope that this will keep up! I'm hoping for at least one big game per month, but hopefully more which segways into...
  • Organize more - This is going to be the year where I finally get around to organizing at least one tournament (of sorts) for GOB-15 and start a DreadBall League as well as a DreadBall Cup, but hopefully more.
  • Write more - Last year I released my first book in early Feburary and since then I haven't written anything worth of note. This year it's going to change and I'm going to have a crack at becoming a more competent writer - bit hard seeing as this is my second language, but so be it.
  • Get on Camera - And finally, with my new camera, I'm also able to do something I've thought of doing for a long time - get on YouTube! I don't really know yet what I'd like to do with it, but having the possibility has made me think. I'll most likely end up doing a tutorial video for The Employment War and hopefully be able to make some video-bat-reps instead of some written ones.

So, that's my new years resolution. I did consider putting in 'paint more' but I've just started doing it for fun anyway (painting, that is) over the last year so I don't need much motivation in that regard. Not that they paint themselves, but I'm slowly, and steadily, getting through the lead-pile on my own accord. This means that I'm not going to have any sort of Buy/Painted tally as I've slowly stopped buying stuff on a whim - having a rather poor economy puts an effective end to those impulse buys of the past.

Right, let's end this waffle - Happy New Year everyone!

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